Whether depositing or withdrawing funds, clients need to have convenient ways to have quick access to their money. Here at GXmarkets, withdrawing funds can be done automatically by clients. Whenever it's time for funds to be withdrawn, the client can simply go to their customer zone and fill out the required information. After doing so, they simply enter the amount of money they would like to withdraw, upon which GXmarkets will automatically transfer the money to them. 

Because clients have different needs, GXmarkets offers a variety of options as to how clients can have their money sent to them. For those who prefer doing business with their credit card, withdrawing funds is quick and easy. For a client who has originally deposited money into their account with their credit card, any withdrawal of funds will be sent to them as a refund on their card. For those who use a wire transfer to deposit their money, a withdrawal is instead sent to their bank account. Whatever method is used, GXmarkets guarantees an easy and safe transfer of funds between company and client.

As with deposits, withdrawals also are prone to attempts by hackers to steal money and information. GXmarkets, using their industry-leading SSL system, ensures clients their money and information will not be at the mercy of those wanting to steal it. All information including credit card numbers, security codes and more are encrypted and secured with many layers of protection. Passwords, often a hacker's goal, are encoded by the system to ensure only the client knows their password. For those who need help withdrawing their money, the customer service of GXmarkets is simply the best. If there's any question as to the best method of withdrawal, how soon funds will be available or any other issue GXmarkets is there to help. Clients can contact GXmarkets by phone or email, knowing they will get professional service and detailed answers to their questions. Most withdrawals may take from 3-7 business days to show up on a customer's credit card or bank account, depending upon the credit card or bank being used.