Terms and Conditions

Our home page makes it easier than ever to navigate through the complex world of forex trading. Whether an experienced trader or novice, you can find all the information you need here.

Your personal privacy is protected with us, and we collect only the necessary information to assist us in helping you establish your account. Contact us when updates need to be made.

The terms and conditions outline what customers agree to when opening and running their accounts, and explain the responsibilities of both the customer and the company.

Customers can contact us at anytime by email, telephone or fax. We are always ready to assist with any questions that arise.

GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264, address Marshall Islands, Trust company complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshal Islands MH96960 is a full-service online brokerage firm specializing in helping clients learn the ins and outs of forex trading.

Trading with GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264 allows customers to deal with a variety of financial instruments while receiving help from skilled customer service associates.

Customer funds are always secure with GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264 through our SSL system and many levels of encryption, giving customers peace of mind when conducting business.

Forex is short for the foreign exchange market where one currency is traded for another, and is one of the largest markets in the world.

Forex trading is conducted 24 hours a day 6 days a week, excluding Saturday. This allows traders to capitalize on news and trends in the market.

Various commodities can be traded including gold, silver and crude oil. These commodities are traded against the US Dollar, and involve no physical purchase or transfer.

Leverage lets a trader use short term credit to purchase something for more money than is in their account, while margin is the amount of money needed to maintain a market position.

Customers can learn how to trade forex without using their own money by opening a demo account. By doing so, they can take their time to learn how the market operates.

Broker Download is a widely-used platform allowing for instant execution of trades, and also contains an extensive amount of analytical tools to help traders analyze market trends.

Web platforms allow trading to be done anywhere through a website. No downloading is needed, and it offers real-time quotes, high-speed execution and trading of all order types.

Mobile platforms allow trading to be performed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Real-time data is used, allowing trading to be done from anywhere in the world.

Our IB program allows you to gain the rewards and recognition of managing your own forex trading operation, complete with high payouts and conversion rates.

The Affiliates program maximizes revenues by using the services of an account manager and the choice of several payment models such as revenue-share, CPA, CPL or a combo package.

Technical Analysis involves getting the latest live indications of market trends and passing that information on to traders. Messages are sent via text, website and email.

Signals are precise insights into market activity sent out to clients on a daily basis. Used to enhance their trading skills, signals are a key component to forex success.

Financial calendars provide traders with the most up-to-date news and events in the world of forex trading, helping them study and plan for any future developments.

Daily Market Reviews are based on extensive research and analysis, offering traders video messages and other forms of information that let them have a productive trading session.

Funds Guide provides traders with information regarding how to open their accounts, how much money is needed, and what financial means can be used to deposit or withdraw money.

Deposits can be made using VISA or MasterCard credit/debit cards, wire transfers or CashU and can be done in both US Dollars or Euros. Funds are deposited quickly and easily.

Withdrawals are transferred by the same method used to make the deposit, and require proof of ID in the form of a photo ID or verifying credit card information.

Cardholder Responsibilities Within Their Jurisdiction

Because you have chosen to participate in GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264 and are willingly trading GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264 funds and other secure funds for the purpose of investing and making a profit, you are expected to be aware of the responsibilities regarding trading within your jurisdiction. Laws regarding financial contracts can vary throughout the world, and you alone have the sole responsibility of knowing and fully complying with any and all laws, regulations, or directives that are considered to be relevant in any way to the country in which you reside. Failure to follow the laws in your jurisdiction regarding trading of GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264 funds could result in criminal prosecution, and any parties involved give full consent to personal jurisdiction and venue.

Bonus Term & Conditions 

Bonus for all clients can be avialabel for withdrawal only after the client do minimum trading volume of $25,000 for every $1 Bonus in his live trading account.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Each client is entitled to a full refund of any unused secure funds, and in cases where there is a loss of funds by the client no refunds will be available and the company accepts no responsibility for the losses. To receive refunds, clients must present a full set of KYC documents to the company, after which the request will be processed and any available funds deposited to the client's account within 7 days. If a client decides to terminate his GXM CAPITAL MARKETING LTD, 77264 account with us, he must notify us promptly in writing. After the account is terminated, we will refund any funds to you minus any losses. We also have the right to terminate any account, and will notify you if that action takes place.