Security of Funds

When a client does business with an online financial company, the one thing they demand is trust. Clients must be able to concentrate on their trading instead of worrying about their money. The best companies are those that take every step possible to ensure client funds are safe and secure, and as a client of GXmarkets you can be sure that your funds are safe.

At GXmarkets, the money of all our clients remains segregated from the assets of the bank. All funds are held in company-managed bank accounts, and are not part of the company's balance sheet. They cannot be used to pay creditors in the event of a default, and can only be used to repay clients. No client accounts will ever fall into debt, so if the market takes a sudden unexpected drop and your account shows a negative balance, don't worry. GXmarkets will always bring your account back to zero, providing traders with a sense of security that will allow them to assess the situation and decide on their next move.

Risk Management is at the cornerstone of any online trading brokerage, and those who take it seriously are providing their clients with a great service. We here at GXmarkets believe our risk management approach is one that will virtually guarantee the personal and financial information of clients will never be compromised. Using SSL and other security systems, GXmarkets is committed to giving their clients a worry-free trading experience. A continuous process of identifying potential threats, assessing situations and monitoring market and online activity allows us to operate at peak efficiency and security. Policies, standards and procedures are constantly evaluated and updated to reflect the latest trends, making us a leader in the protection of our client's information.

Maintaining operational and client bank accounts with numerous reputable banks, GXmarkets meets and exceeds the strictest financial requirements. Financial reports are submitted each month to independent accounting firms for analysis, letting our clients know we provide full disclosure as to our financial activities. Required by law to maintain an amount of liquid capital that can cover client deposits and expenses, we understand the peace of mind needed by clients when choosing a brokerage firm. Finally, an annual audit of our financial activities is conducted by an independent auditing firm to show we meet or exceed the standards set forth by our regulators. By our willingness to actively participate in our financial well-being, we can guarantee our ability to keep our company and clients fully funded at all times.

Clients work hard for their money, and they need to deal with a company that respects both them and the hard work they invested to earn their money. Here at GXmarkets, we understand and respect each and every client. We are committed to treating client funds as if they were our own, and when they put their trust in us we will not disappoint. After all, our clients worked hard for their money, so we should work hard for them.