Mobile Platform

Today's forex trader has places to go and people to see. Life in the high-tech world is fast-paced and constantly changing, and those involved in forex trading need instant access to the most up-to-date information. As smartphones have found themselves at the forefront of mobile devices, traders are now able to use these devices to conduct any and all of their business.

The GXmarketsMobile trading platform, available on iPhone and Android, makes forex trading easier and more convenient than ever before. By downloading this app, traders are able to stay one step ahead of the market and know they are getting the latest information. Developed using the highly-advanced HTML5, the GXmarketsMobile trading platform offers its users the ability to trade from a real-time live chart. Easy to use, the app quickly gives its users a feeling of comfort and confidence, for they know it puts them in the midst of the market. Beginning and experienced traders can both use the GXmarkets Mobile like Iphone 6 s trading platform to their advantage, allowing them to know current market conditions and make decisions regarding trades wherever they may be.

The GXmarketsMobile trading platform has numerous key features that make it a must-have for the serious forex trader. Perhaps the most important feature is a trader's ability to place instant execution and pending orders, ensuring decisions that have been made are carried out exactly as planned. All symbols may also be used on the mobile platform, making for an easier trading experience. Closing and modifying existing orders allows traders to have the versatility needed in the forex marketplace, which experienced traders know can quickly change direction for better or worse.

Using interactive forex currency charts, the GXmarketsMobile trading platform is able to display many different pairs of currencies simultaneously, letting users see how different combinations could work regarding their investment strategy. In conjunction with this feature, the app also features most forex market activities displayed in real-time. Market-price overviews can be examined as they happen, as can profits or losses from live trades. When a trader has a question about a past trade or possible trend in the market, they can view their history of past trades and market happenings to help them with their current strategy.

When being on the go is a necessity, using the GXmarketsMobile trading platform on your mobile device lets you stay informed anytime and anywhere. With access to the market right at your fingertips, it's always possible to have the latest information needed to make smart decisions. And it's the smart traders of today who realize the many advantages a mobile trading platform provides. When performance counts, forex traders count on the GXmarketsMobile trading platform.