IB-Introducing Broker

Here at GXmarkets, we are always looking for both new clients and new partners. Expanding our trading network by working with companies and individuals, GXmarketsis eager to show you what we have to offer. An excellent compensation package, along with other benefits, is just a small part of our IB package. By joining forces, GXmarketsand you can set the bar high and begin the quest of conquering it together.

The purpose of the IB program is to introduce new clients to GXmarkets. It's as simple as that, with Introducing Brokers getting a variety of benefits. These can include:

  • Competitive rebates
  • Quick commission payments
  • Personalized IB banners
  • Reporting Tools

With every deal made, an IB can simply sit back, relax and watch the profits start to head their way. Seeing the progress made, an IB can be assured of getting the biggest and best rates consistently while making sure the maximum amount of traffic gets driven to their website.

For those with their own website, increasing revenues is always a top priority. By partnering with GXmarkets, that goal becomes much easier to attain. By implementing a tracking link into your website, it's easier than ever to get your clients signed up and starting their trading. After that, it's only a matter of watching your profits being updated with every new deal made.

Starting a Trading Network

For those IB's who want to start their own trading network, it's a goal well within their reach. By contacting friends, acquaintances and other people from their social network it's very possible to sign up enough clients to begin a trading network. An introduction to the forex market is all that's needed to let them hone their trading skills and profit from their knowledge. As an IB, when they profit from their knowledge so do you. All that's needed on your part is to provide us with some contact details and we take it from there.

Whether it's a beginning trader or one with years of experience, we welcome them all to the fascinating and potentially very profitable world of forex trading. GXmarketsis dedicated to making sure all clients are given the latest cutting-edge technology, trading tools and support necessary to see their trading goals come true. Here at GXmarkets, when clients succeed so do we, giving everyone involved a win-win situation.