Funds Guide

As more and more business is conducted online, customers doing business with any company demand only the best. This is especially true when it comes to making sure their money is secure with the brokerage firm with which they do business. Because forex trading involves traders depositing money into their brokerage accounts in order to begin trading, it's imperative these transactions be conducted in a secure manner. Hera at GXmarkets, our commitment to customer safety regarding their money is second-to-none.

GXmarketsprovides its customers with the latest security measures. Believing peace of mind and trust are at the core of client-broker relations, traders will know their money can be deposited with full confidence. Using an SSL secure system, GXmarketsmakes it easy to deposit money into trading accounts. Partnering with well-known financial institutions around the world, GXmarketsmakes it possible for traders to deposit their money using a variety of methods.

The most common method used to deposit money into accounts is by a debit or credit card. Traders wishing to use this method can deposit funds using their MasterCard to place direct deposits into their accounts, safe in the knowledge their funds are in a fully secure environment. For those clients preferring other methods of deposit, wire transfers are also available. Using a direct transfer of funds from one's bank account to their brokerage account, the deposit can be made in either U.S. dollars or Euros. Working in conjunction with many of the biggest and most reputable financial institutions worldwide, GXmarketsoffers an easy and secure system to ensure wire transfers are quick and easy. Traders who have established CashU accounts can also use these accounts to deposit money into their forex trading accounts. As with wire transfers, deposits from these accounts can be made in U.S. dollars or Euros.

Once the deposits have been made, the forex account is activated and trading can begin. Whatever method of deposit is chosen, traders can automatically begin trading knowing their accounts are secure. GXmarketsis committed to providing a safe and secure trading platform for clients, one which is constantly monitored for any attempts of suspicious activity. Whether a beginning forex trader or one who is more experienced, it's crucial to be able to have your attention fully focused on the trading market. By working with GXmarkets, one can do just that while knowing the money is securely in their account.

There is no fee to withdraw via credit card

As a secure and World Wide Broker, compliance department require FULL KYC.
Clients needs to send a valid passport copy and a valid UB copy during the first 7 business days, if the docs are not verified money will be refunded after.